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Pentair MasterTemp 125

Fast, Efficient, Quiet, Safe & Eco-Friendly


Pool heaters make your swimming pool more comfortable even when the air temperature isn’t. From heating the water after a chilly night or extending your swimming season in the spring and fall.  Installing a heater will help make your pool water temperature perfect any time of day and night!


We will take the guess work out of deciding what type of heater is best for you, and what size of heater you will need for your size pool.  Whether you choose an electric heater or gas, installing a heater will add to your investment!

heater UltraTemp PentairHeater125

The remarkably affordable MasterTemp 125 heater gives you the energy savings and advanced operating features that were only available from much larger heaters. With its revolutionary pre-mixed gas combustion technology, the MasterTemp 125 heater offers 82% thermal efficiency - the highest of any heater in its category. Its 1-1/2" plumbing is ideal for smaller applications, including aboveground pools, spas and inground pools up to 15,000 gallons. Featuring the first ever rotating, digital display offered in its class, the MasterTemp 125 heater provides valuable information conveniently and at the touch of a button. Plus, its lightweight, compact design makes the MasterTemp 125 heater easier to install than any other heater in its class - reducing labor costs which saves you money.

Pentair MasterTemp

Pentair's MasterTemp Natural Gas heater brings you quiet, efficient heating for your pool and spa. Its compact design takes up less room on the equipment pad and its easy-to-read digital display rotates for simple convenience and management. Using natural gas, the MasterTemp is reliable and boasts higher heating efficiencies. Connecting to your natural gas line, the MasterTemp is easy to install, utilizing its built-in inlet and outlet union connections. MasterTemp Natural Gas heaters are designed to be quiet, they're certified for low NOx emissions and are eco-friendly, making them a dependable and safe heater for you and the environment.

Pentair UltraTemp

Automatic Heating & Cooling Feature!

The UltraTemp heat pump provides an AutoSet Temperature Control feature as standard.  It monitors water temperature and turns the pump on and off as needed, overriding the time clock to maintain desired temperature.  The self-diagnostic software continuously monitors system for peak performance.

Pentair H/C model heat pumps are equipped to automatically heat or cool your pool water based on temperatures you set.  Select the Auto mode and the intelligent thermostat will automatically command the heat pump to heat or cool the water to your selected temperature.

High Performance Heat Pumps

Simply the most economical way to heat your pool