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Enjoy Peace of Mind

With A Pool and Spa Installation from


Backyard Living

We make it easy to maintain your pool and spa with our full line of chemicals and maintenance equipment.  Our large selection of pool and spa accessories will make your water fun!!!

Start taking advantage of what owning a pool and spa will bring.  Your remedy, relief, therapy....your retreat could be right at home waiting for you!!

With over 30 years of experience in Fiberglass and Vinyl Steel Wall Pool installation, you can trust our technically trained and insured installers. We offer confidence in knowing you have put your

investment in good hands.

We want to help you create your personal

paradise.  Our financing options make it affordable

as well as easy and convenient.


maintenance & accessories

stress free enjoyment

an affordable paradise

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Consider all aspect for creating your dream backyard.  Backyard Living will help you with a basic understanding of the build and installation process.  We help guide you when it comes to designing your pool, and how to choose the best location for your pool and pool equipment.  Landscaping is also important, so consider what you plant and where. Avoid planting deep rooted or deciduous plants nearby to avoid any costly future maintenance costs that may damage the pool structure or cause excessive leaf matter to clog the filtration system. A professional pool builder and landscaper will be able to recommend the most suitable plants for your area and situation.

Things to consider for your perfect pool!

Choose the right pool to fit your lifestyle and family needs.  Take the time to consider why you are installing an in-ground swimming pool. Is it for an investment, entertaining or for your kids? Do you want to create a relaxing retreat or make an architectural statement? Or perhaps all of the above? Asking yourself these kinds questions will help you to discover what kind of swimming pool will suit you best and what features to need to include.

Decide how you will use your pool

Keep your property size and future maintenance in mind

Discuss dollars and sense

Bring your initial thoughts to us, we can truly make your backyard "the place to be" for freinds and family!  Let us know all your dreams for your pool. You no doubt will already have a good idea of your budget or what you are prepared to spend, however, it will be important to discuss it in detail with us to be able to get a real sense of what it will all cost.  It helps to know in advance if you need to adjust your plans or you actually have extra resources to expand on your design.

Be energy efficient and eco-friendly. A swimming pool can actually be quite affordable if you factor in energy efficiency into your design. It is important to know how much water your pool will take to keep it full, pool cleaning costs, equipment maintenance costs and any long term upkeep that may be required on the pool's structure. Installing energy efficient pumps, lighting, timers, enclosures, pool covers will all play a significant role in creating great energy savings in a very short period of time and not to mention, reduce your environmental impact.

When choosing what type of pool you want it is important to do some thorough research before making any purchase. There are many pros and cons associated with the different types of pools, and depending on your individual needs it will usually come down to factors like costs, installation time frames, maintenance costs, durability, equity value, and of course - aesthetics.


Everyone has different tastes in design styles and budgets. So before you take the plunge into the deep end of pool buying, here are some important things to consider to help you decide what type of pool is right for you.

Consider maintenance costs

We have faced many challenges during these unprecedented times. We will continue to monitor the latest information regarding COVID-19 and will update you with any changes that may affect our ability to provide service to our customers. Currently, for the safety of our personnel and customers our store/showroom is temporarily closed. We are trying to keep our phone number forwarded to our at home offices. This will keep us available to our customers, to take calls, answer questions and schedule service when possible.


You can reach us at 309-698-7665 and our email address is backyardliving2011@hotmail.com


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