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Winterizing your pool is crucial to protect your investment!!  We are here to help!!  Now is the time to get your closing scheduled.  We can help you protect your pool and equipment through the cold and freezing winter months!!

Winter Is Coming!!!

Pool Closing Services

We fill your lines with anti-freeze to offer the most reliable way to keep your lines from freezing and breaking through the winter months.  We plug your skimmer as well as returns.   We use chlorine, algaecide and metal out to winterize your pool, and in some cases there are additional chemicals needed.  Please call for closing costs.

Additional Closing Services Include Winterizing the Following:

Slide - $15.00       Waterfall - $15.00       Swim Jets - $30.00       Laminars - $15.00

Bubblers - $15.00       Deck Jets - $15.00

Safety Cover Installation - $75.00       Salt Cell Cleaning - $45.00

We suggest you call a couple of weeks from when you are wanting to close your pool.  We close pools in the Bloomington area Mondays and Tuesdays, the Washington area Thursdays and Fridays.  We require a credit card to schedule your pool closing.  When scheduling your closing please keep in mind, the date your are requesting is a "preferred" week/day.  We will do all that we can to meet your request, but may not be able to due to unforeseen  conditions.  We will call to make other arrangements if necessary.  Give us a call at either location to schedule your closing.  Washington location, 309-698-7665, Bloomington location, 309-433-9047.