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Mesh and Solid Safety Covers

Safety Covers are a protective off season pool cover thats pulled taut across the pool, and secured with straps connected to achors installed around the pool's perimeter.  The Safety Cover will prevent leaves, dirt and debris from getting into your pool water while the pool is closed.  Safety Covers are designed to also prevent accidental submersion, providing protection for you family, neighbors, pets and wildife.  

Automatic Pool Covers

Everyday protection for your family...

                                          at the touch of a button!

There's nothing more important than safety when it comes to owning a pool.  Thats why an Automatic Safety Cover offers you the highest level of security and peace of mind.

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An Automatic Safety Cover operates with the simple push of a button or the turn of a removable key.

An Automatic Safety Cover eliminates acccess to the pool water and, when used properly, can withstand thousands of pounds of surface weight.

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The Automatic Safety Cover system is designed to fit almost any shape pool, and is strong, durable and warranted to last.

Installation Options

Automatic Safety Cover

Top Track Installation

Under Style Installation

Looking for that timeless design in your new pool?  The Under Track application incoporates the Automatic Safety Cover into a concealed track which is seamlessy fasten to the pool wall or secured in a track retainer system

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The advantages of the Under Track System are that it removes the cover tracks from your pool deck, gives you more options for the edges of the pool, and allows for greater flexibility in creating an attrative lid.

The Automatic Safety Cover Top Track System can be designed as a part of nearly any shaped pool.  The cover's low profile track is securely mounted to the top of the pool deck.  The leading edge of the cover is strong and bow resistant while gliding the cover open and closed.

This can be incorporated flush into the concret deck.

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Lid Options

Protects the Automatic Safety Cover


The Flush Deck Lid option is for Under Track Systems only.  Use decorative concrete pavers or a rock feature to house the cover.

Flush Deck Lid

Aluminum  Lid

Flat Lid

The Aluminum Lid and Flat Lid protects and finishes the open gap between the lid and the lid end.

SolidSafetyCover MeshCover mesh-and-solid-safety-cover-best-prices-300x174
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Solid Safety Covers are made of hight-quality PCV reinforced vinyl.  With a solid Safety Cover, all dirt, silt, debris and rainwater are kept out of your pool during the off season, which makes for an easier pool opening. The accumulated water is drained off the cover with a cover pump.  Solid Safety Covers provides extra protection form tree branches, or heavy animals.

Mesh Safety Covers are made from a lightweight yet strong weave of materials.  Leaves, dirt and debris are trapped on top of the cover surface, while rainwater and snowmelt can slowy seep through, into the pool.  Because water passes through the material of a mesh Safety Cover, the cover is not weighed down, it dries quickly - allowing leaves and debris to blow away.

Safety Covers require concrete decking around the perimeter, so there is a solid footing to sink the anchors into.