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Pool cover

Pool coverage for all seasons

We can get your pool ready for the changing seasons.  Winterizing your pool is a must to protect it from freezing.  In the spring, opening your pool correctly will get you ready to swim!!  Also, scheduled cleaning services will keep your pool looking and working great!!

Installation of the finest

products on the market

We use only the best filtration systems, heaters, pumps, salt systems, vinyl liners and fiberglass pools, so you can rest easy knowing that your pool or spa has been serviced with the best quality products available to us.

100_1004 IMG_0067
  • Liner replacements and service

  • Safety cover installation and service

  • Equipment installation and service

  • Pool maintenance and repairs

  • Pool inpection

  • Pool openings

  • Pool closings

  • Pentair warranty center

  • Sand changes

Complete pool maintenance:

After installation is completed, Backyard Living provides you with complete after-sale services, full service and maintenance for your pool, along with advice and counsel about your water chemistry and equipment.   Maintaining your pool is a must!  Keeping your water correctly balanced will help the life of your pool and pool equipment.  Poorly balanced water can cause damage to your pool and pool equipment and can shorten your swimming season, as well as be costly. Routine maintenance helps keep your pool and spa system operating safely and efficiently.


All advice and information comes from a trained, knowledgeable staff. If you think there might be an issue with your water, don't hesitate to contact us for a FREE water analysis and consultation. We'll troubleshoot issues so you don't have to!  


And.....For The D.Y.I.'s

We make it easy to maintain your pool with our large selection of pool equipment,  maintenance equipment, chemicals and accessories.

PoolMaintenancePic PoolDirty1

Has this happened to you?  No matter how hard we try, sometimes when we pull back the cover, this is what we find.  We've got just what you need!!  With our full line of maintenance

equipment and chemicals,

you can turn your pool

back to beautiful.


This Leaf Eater is a great way to get all the debris on the bottom of the pool that we can't see. The white bag catches all that crud !!

PoolMaintenancePic1 PoolDirtyPic PoolChemicalPic Untitled-5 pool supplies

Need a little help?  We have the maintenance quipment to clean your pool, pool equipment to keep your pool going and chemicals to keep your pool balanced and clean!!!

Vac heads, leaf skimmers, vac hoses, brushes....what ever you need, we've got it!!

Now its time to enjoy your pool and have some fun!!!

pool toys 100_1032 PoolToys PoolFloatPic1 PoolFloatPic2 PoolFloatPic

We have a great selection of pool toys and accessories to choose from for adults and kids of all ages!!