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Routine Maintenance

  • Routine maintenance helps keep your pool and spa system operating safely and efficiently. Follow a regular check-off procedure for the safety related items (649kb PDF), and have your pool professional perform the following tasks regularly:

  • Make sure that each suction outlet has a cover that is installed correctly, screwed down, unbroken, and certified for that application.

  • Make sure that all skimmer covers are in place, screw-fastened and unbroken.

  • Make sure that the filter pressure gauge is in good working condition, and that the filter pressure is within the operating range specified in your filter owner’s manual.

  • Make sure that the pump and filter O-rings are sealing properly, and in good condition.

  • Bleed off accumulated air from the system, as described in your owner’s manual.

  • Empty the skimmer baskets and the pump strainer basket of debris.

  • Remove any debris or obstructions from the main drain cover.

  • Remove obstructions and combustibles from around the pump motor air vents and heater top vents.

  • Make sure all chemicals are properly stored (away from equipment).

  • Make sure the heater is functioning properly.

  • Make sure there is no gas smell around the heater.

  • Make sure all grounding and bonding wires are connected, and in good condition.

  • Make sure all wiring connections are tight and clean, and all wiring and electrical equipment are in good condition.