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Sanitizing Your Pool Water

Sanitizers are used to kill bacteria and inhibit the growth of viruses, algae and other organic contaminants that enter your pool water.  Swimmers, wind, rain, dust and debris can bring contaminants into your pool water.  Pools require sanitization to ensure healthy swimming conditions and maintain water clarity.


Auto Chlorinators are an efficient, effective and maintenance free way of sanitizing your pool, nothing purifies and disinfects better than chlorine.


Auto Chlorinator Feeders maintain chlorine levels.  It offers a manual control knob to dial up or down the amount of chlorine being despensed.   It holds 3" chlorine tablets and is connected to the pools plumbing.  As the chlorine tablets disolve you will need to add additional tablets to help maintain your chlorine level.

Auto Chlorinators


Intellichlor Salt Chlorine Generators

Water and dissolved salt flow through the generator cell.  Through electrolysis it is converted into chlorine, and returns it back into the pool maintaining your chlorine levels.

The Intellichlor Salt Generator offers LED indicators that lights for salt level, system status and chlorine output.  Simply adjust the control to achieve the optimal level of chlorine.

For a clean, pure & silky pool...    Just add salt

Salt System




This system neutralizes harmful bacteria and pathogens instantly, by 99.9%, as well as reducing chlorine usage by up to 50%.

BioShield       Sterilizer


This system harnesses the power of UV light to neutralize bacteria and prevent its reproduction.  The BioShield UV Sterilizer provides instant protection as it "zaps" those harmful waterborne pahtogens, providing cleaner, safer pool water for family and friends.