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  • Maintain your pool water level halfway up the skimmer box opening.

  • A pool may typically lose a minimal amount of water each day (no more than ¼ inch) due to evaporation and/or splash out. If your pool is losing more water than that, there could possibly be a leak. Monitor closely and consult your pool professional if you suspect a leak.

  • Loose tiles or cracks in the pool deck may be an indication of a leaking pool.

  • Cracks and gaps in the bond beam may be an indication that your pool is leaking.

  • If you notice water-saturated soils in the area around the pool, pool pumps or plumbing, your pool may be leaking.

  • If you see bubbles in the return water when the pool's pump is running, it's likely there's a leak in the suction side of the filtration system.Double click to insert body text here...

Water Level Pool Tips